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Book Report: P.S. I love you

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The book, that I had chosen, is to be called “P.S. I love you”. The novel was writing by the Irish author Cecelia Ahern and appeared in the year 2004. The book was published in fifteen languages and had an international success because it had heading a lot of bestseller lists.
The novel is about a young woman named Holly. Holly doesn’t like her live, because her husband died. For her, the live is only meaningless. But then Holly found letters, from her dead husband Gerry, who had written the letters during his last days. So Holly found back to her life.

Holly is a 29 year old woman who lives with her husband Gerry in Dublin. They are a thoroughly happy couple and they want to stay together for the rest of their life. But after a while, the two get a very bad message. It emerged that Gerry is adversely affected by a cerebral tumor. Thenceforward, the live of them change abruptly. Holly tries to do all in order to help Gerry. After six months and several operations Gerry dies. For Holly the world collapses. She is in desperation, hopeless and downfallen. Holly’s family and friends try to help her and to prop she up.  But Holly still immures oneself. She hopes to awake from this nightmare.
One day, Holly finds out from her mother, that she has found a package which is designed for her. In the next few days, Holly decided to see her parents, because they are keeping the package.
As soon as Holly is alone, she opened the packet which consists of eleven letters. After Holly had opened the first letter, she was speechless. Holly can’t believe it, because the letters are from her died husband. Gerry had them written before he died.
At the first letter, Holly gets the instruction how to deal with the other messages. Every month she is allowed to open one letter. She had to follow the instructions which Gerry had written in his messages. Holly pulls all of the duties, because in this way she is attracted by Gerry. For this reason Holly look forward to all of the letters and she scarcely can estimate to open the letters. 
Holly had the duty to buy a new bedside lamp, to sing at a karaoke evening and to look for a job. Furthermore Holly gets a surprise from Gerry. She gets a voyage to Lanzarote with her best friends Sharon and Denise.  
During one of the duties Holly meets Daniel. The two get on like a house on fire and they spend one’s time together. Henceforward Holly’s situation becomes better. 
At another letter Gerry beg her to go to the New Year’s Eve party, but it’s very difficult for her. But for all that Holly goes to the party. There Holly’s friends often ask her to Gerry. Daniel asks her if Holly establishes a relationship with him. But Holly isn’t ready, because she misses Gerry so sadly. 
At the last letter Gerry writes to Holly, that she doesn’t be afraid of having a new lover. Through Gerry’s letters, holly had found back into her life. She had taken new courage to face life and she had observes that the life also have to go on without her husband Gerry.

My Opinion:
I really like the book “P.S. I love you”, because I think it was written very fascinating and also desolate and amusing.
It’s a very doleful story, but it was also written very impressive and empathetic.
In this book, Cecilia Ahern describes the feelings inspiring and sensitive. That’s why the story plucks the people to heartstrings.
Persons are fraught like Holly, because they want to know what the next letter says. I can put myself in Holly’s place very good and that’s why I can recommend this book.

I would give these book four stars from five, for the reason that the book is grippingly written and also captivating. Besides that it sometimes was written superficial.

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