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Violence on TV is okay

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Why is it that people seem so fascinated by violence? A person gets shot in his head, a mother jumps off the edge of a roof with her baby in the arm and a thirteen year old girl kills herself because she just doesn’t want to live anymore. Is this normal? Especially, is it normal if a person loves seeing such scenes?
Some directors who produce films in which violence plays an important role, like Quentin Tarantino say that they don’t take the violence very seriously, they think it’s funny. Tarantino mentions that his violence is not one in which people fall off helicopters, his violence is real-life violence. That means, as an example, that a couple is in a restaurant and they’re having an argument and all of a sudden the guy gets so mad at her, he picks up a fork and stabs her in the face. He also says if somebody doesn’t like violence in movies it is the same, as if you don’t like dance sequences in movies. You could separate the people in three categories. To the first one belong people who love violence in movies, it is scientifically documented that some people get sexually stimulated by watching such movies. The second category is people, who think that it is acceptable to see these films on screen but who wouldn’t want to see it in real life. The third one – probably the minority – is people who are against violence in movies in general. This third part argues with the high rate of people using violence. They say that such movies have an effect on their actions and even some scientists agree with it because your gene can influence a person to be more aggressive. Some amok runners say in their suicide note that they want to do it like person X in movie Y, this is an evidence that they were influenced. What actually doesn’t have to be mentioned is that violence is nothing for children. But it’s a fact that they can watch any films they want – even porn.
It’s very hard to find a solution to this problem. An option is that movies with violence should be separated into the “hard violence” and the “friendly violence”. The hard violence – like showing a headshot in slow motion - should be banned from cinemas and DVDs, the friendly violence – like having a fight with a little amount of blood – can stay. But I know that this will never happen because the humankind is a violent species.